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Hollywood age math.

March 11, 2008

FACT: Once is the little indie movie that could! Shot for four Euros and a bag of wrenches over two hours in Dublin’s high street. When no one was looking. With call-center workers on their lunch breaks for extras.

FACT: All your annoying indie friends would not shut up about this movie about a street musician and a Czech girl who rehearse and sing songs and fall in love.

FACT: It won an Oscar or something like that.

FACT: Marita is the daughter of one of Glen’s buddies. She is currently 19 years old.

QUERY: Wait– wait a minute. That doesn’t sound right. How old is Glen Hansard?

FACT: Glen Hansard is 37.

FACT: Glen and Marita met when she was 14. And he was, you know, 32.

FACT: She was 17 when they were shooting the movie and FELL IN ROMANTIC INDIE MOVIE LOVE FOR REALS.

QUERY: When did they– you know. YOU KNOW.

FACT: What’s Ireland’s age of consent? Because, that’s when. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, THAT GLEN HANSARD IS SOME KIND OF INDIE-ROCK PERV? Knock it the hell off.

FACT: Press for this darling little indie gem tended to ignore that Marita was 17 during the shoot and Glen was 35. Because they’re European! European girls are very mature and shit.

The chemistry between (the) two leads … was easy to produce during the January 2006 shoot in Dublin. “I had been falling in love with her for a long time, but I kept telling myself she’s just a kid,” says Hansard, 37, who has known his 19-year-old costar for the past six years. (The two are now dating.) “There was definitely the feeling we were documenting something precious and private.”

“Hello, I’m Glen.”


“How old are you?”


“Perfect! Just young enough to make me feel dirty, too old to make me consider keeping my pants on.”