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Vaginas ruin movies.

March 23, 2008

Radar Magazine counts down the most misogynistic movies of the decade.

While Knocked Up deserves an article all its own (“Ladies, you’re LUCKY to get pregnant by Seth Rogen! I don’t care that you’re hot as shit and have a burgeoning career as an entertainment journalist, if some fat-guy slacker sperm makes its way into your womb, you must drop everything and move to East LA to raise the baby. And thank God for it.”) TSR doesn’t disagree with the main thrust of the article, which is: HOLLYWOOD HATES THE LADIES.

Here are some up-and-coming projects TSR thinks will make Radar’s next list:

1) Body of Lies. Did you know this Leo DiCaprio/Russell Crowe spy thriller is based on a novel called Penetration? Hey now. Let’s just call it COCK DUELS and get it over with.

The best part of the script is that Leo’s spy character is married (unhappily, of course) to a sexually demanding career woman who is explicitly portrayed as evil for being sexually demanding and having a career. But don’t worry, he leaves her for a sweet, helpful, French aid worker.

What the hell is it with American men and their creepy fetish for French ladies? Face it, gents: French ladies are just as demanding as their American sisters. You just can’t tell, because they’re nagging at you in la langue d’amour.

2) The Ugly Truth. In this romantic comedy, Katie Heigl plays an uptight (=needs dick) morning show producer who is forced to work with a misogynistic ladies man (Gerard Butler). Sparks fly! She realizes that everything about her is wrong! She changes! The man does not change! She learns to suppress her neediness! Gerard Butler shares his feelings with her! She is pathetically grateful! His dick makes her less uptight!

TSR loves Katherine Heigl, but feels that she makes poor choices. Make a movie that isn’t about a man completing you, pls.

TSR already resents the fact that during press for this film, Gerard Butler will claim to be nothing like his character.

TSR would also like to point out that this is one of the absolute worst scripts she read in the past 12 months. It’s from the ladies who did Legally Blonde, and the disappointment was crushing.

3) He’s Just Not That Into You. To be fair, TSR liked this script. But the subject matter! It’s so depressing! Do women have ANY interests unrelated to snaring a man into marriage? No?